55DSL’s 10.55 Artist Collaboration Tees

Design by David Kiljan

Design by David Kiljan

Each season, Italian streetwear brand 55DSL releases a limited collection of T-shirts called the 10.55 series that are designed by artists from around the world handpicked by 55DSL’s Creative Director Andrea Rosso.

For Spring 2009, 55DSL is launching a new 10.55 limited edition collection called “the Black Series”. Black t-shirts, 3 for female and 5 for male have been designed by several artists specifically for 55DSL. They will be sold in shops that carry 55DSL and 55DSL flagship stores in April. For a list of stores go to http://www.55dsl.com/1055-stores

Participating artists are: Adam Cruickshank, Design is Kinky, Dawid Kiljan, Francesca Chiani, Yo Clas!, Kia’, Mel Kadel, and Meredith Dittmar

You can find the full range over at 55DSL

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