Retro Timex Indiglo 80 Watches

Gold chunky watches are out, big colourful neon plastic watches are in, if the rising popularity of US based watch company ToyWatch is concerned, also jumping into the brightly coloured watch arena is Timex with these lesser priced but just as eye catching range from their Timex 80 collection. They come in various acid shades and are available @ online store Oki-Ni now.

4 responses to “Retro Timex Indiglo 80 Watches

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  2. yeah the timex 80 series are def iconic 80s, like the g shock series there are so many variations to collect! google image “timex 80 tri colour”, thats a classic =0

  3. Timex Iron Man Heart Rate Monitor
    This is the first watch I have bought in a long time, and when it finally gives out, I’ll be buying a new one. I’d like to get into watches more, but until then, I’ll be rocking this Timex camper.

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