King Apperel Khameleon 2 in 1 Jacket

New outerwear from King Apparel. This 2 in 1 jacket that can be worn turned inside out and made into a completely different jacket hence the Khameleon name, and packs more features then a swiss army knife.

• Lightweight technical breathable outer shell, fully wind and water resistant with transparent ‘skin’ print
• Featuring waist drawstring and hidden double hood drawstring that won’t compromise the shape of the hood
• Breathable mesh lining and air vents under armpit, customised KING zip pull, woven pocket zip pulls and cyan blue King label on front
• Lightweight cotton twill jacket which can be worn independently or under the shell jacket
• Featuring front chest Khameleon embroidery and rear Khameleon and tree branch embroidery with woven blue King label
• Tan ribbing on collar, cuffs, waist and pocket trims with main woven King zip pull
• The two jackets can be separated or pieced together on the fly with a unique combination of zips and buttons
• An industry first and completely unique to the King brand, Limited edition – No re-runs

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